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Making a Claim

COVID-19 and Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice, frequently asked questions and helpful advice.

Please find below our frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) in relation to COVID-19 and associated FCO travel advice, which should cover most of the questions you might have.

We have also tried to assist further by including details of where else you could get assistance or obtain refunds from, if you are unable to claim on your insurance policy.

There are some important things we want to highlight:

When did you buy?

Travel insurance is designed to cover the ‘unforeseen’, so if you had purchased your policy at or after the point that the COVID-19 outbreak was known about, then you will be asked for some specific evidence to prove that when you bought your policy you had no intention or reasonable likelihood of claiming.

Who to speak to first?

There is more specific advice below, but in general, airlines, tour operators and travel agents are covering costs associated with events that might lead to the cancellation or curtailment of your trip. This means you should only be submitting a claim to us when you have exhausted those options first. You will be asked to provide proof that you have been denied a refund from the transport and accommodation providers.

Making a claim

I am looking to make a claim for Cancellation or Curtailment - please can you send me a claims form?

Please be aware that claim forms can be downloaded online and we are currently unable to email or post these to you.

As general advice, please be aware that if your trip has been cancelled, rearranged or curtailed as a result of COVID-19 and/or FCO advice, then it is likely that your transport and/or accommodation provider is going to be able to refund you. We will only be considering claims where you have approached the appropriate provider for either a refund, reimbursement or change to trip dates, prior to submitting a claim to us. There are some details further down the page as to who you can approach to support you before submitting a claim to our team.

If after approaching your accommodation and transport providers, you are still looking to make a claim for cancellation or curtailment relating to COVID-19 of change in FCO advice, you can download the relevant claim forms here:

For a cancellation claim form - click here

For a curtailment claim form: - click here

Please complete this form fully and send it back to us with all the supporting documentation requested. Missing information could result in delays to the assessment of your claim.

My flight was cancelled by the airline - can I claim for this on my insurance policy?

Sorry but this is something you would need to approach your airline for. If you had booked accommodation separately then you will need to approach the accommodation provider to see what your options are. You may be able to include this in your claim to the airline and if not then it may be that your bank or credit card company can support with this, via a section 75 claim. Please contact your credit or debit card company for details on the process. There are some details further down the page as to who you can approach to support you before submitting a claim to our team.

I have cancelled due to local government restrictions at the location I was due to stay. There is no actual FCO advice against all but essential travel.

Unfortunately, most policies do not include this as a reason to cancel. However, if your trip is no longer able to go ahead as originally planned – i.e. excursion cancellations, restriction on use of facility etc. then customers who have booked via a tour operator or travel agent, should in most cases be able to claim from their tour operator or travel agent. Customers who booked accommodation and transport through separate providers will need to approach their booking agents to see if they are able to change dates or offer any refund.

I had a claim declined previously as there was no FCO restriction in place, but now there is - can you reassess the claim?

Unfortunately, we can only assess claims based on the facts and information available that applied at the time of you cancelling and then submitting the claim.

I am in the military and my reporting officer has strongly advised that I do not travel to my trip destination due to COVID-19 - can I submit a claim for cancellation?

If HM forces cover is specified in the cancellation section and your leave orders have been cancelled then you can make a claim. Unfortunately, if your leave orders are not cancelled, then this will not be covered by your travel insurance policy. We would recommend you contact your reporting or commanding officer for advice as to how they can support you.

I am over 70 and/or have ‘Chronic’ Medical conditions and so under current UK advice have been told not to travel - can I claim for cancellation?

We’re afraid, that this isn’t something that is covered by the policy. This is because there is protection for customers elsewhere. In most cases this would relate back to the cover offered by Package Travel Regulations. The current position is that if passengers have a medical condition for which exposure to COVID-19 is particularly dangerous, they should have the right to cancel their package travel contract. This only applies if the risk of infection of COVID-19 at the travel destination or immediate vicinity is declared high by the competent authorities. So please contact your booking agent for further advice.

My close relative, who is not travelling with me has Coronavirus - can I cancel and claim?

Cover is available on most policies for cancellation for this type of situation, there are a few things you’ll need to provide to support this and evidence that it was necessary for you to cancel (relative in a ‘high risk’ category and positive COVID-19) as well as confirmation your trip was still going ahead.

The policy wording will define what the insurer considers to be a close relative.

Will I still be covered if I am on my cruise and the FCO change their advice on travel to a country I am due to travel to and the cruise ship has to go to a different location outside of the geographical area covered by my policy?

Yes, we would continue to cover you as normal, without charge and without the need to contact us, as we understand that this is outside of your control and not an intended change to your insurance demands and needs.

I am on or going on a cruise and am confined to my cabin because of the Coronavirus, even though I am not ill and do not need emergency medical treatment - can I claim for cabin confinement?

If you bought a policy that included cruise cover with a cabin confinement section, if the circumstances of your confinement are included, then we will consider claims under this section of the policy.

If when I am on my cruise, they cannot stop at one of the scheduled ports due to the Coronavirus - can I claim for missed port?

We’re afraid missed port cover is usually only provided for missed port due to adverse weather conditions or timetable restrictions. However, under package travel regulations because the cruise was not as ‘sold’ then it would be something you can approach your booking agent to discuss. reimbursement.

Latest News:

From the 1st January 2021, Citybond Suretravel includes enhanced Covid-19 cover. This cover includes; Cover if you need to cancel you trip due to you or anyone named on your policy testing positive for Covid-19 in the 14 days prior to travel and Cover for medical expenses and repatriation due to contracting Covid-19 whilst abroad.

Please be aware - There is no cover on any of our policies if you travel against the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) advice, local government or local authority advice of the country you are travelling to or from, or World Health Organisation (WHO) advice or medical advice

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