Protectif Online Medical Screening Tool

An online medical screening tool for your clients travel insurance needs.

As an insurance professional, you will understand the importance of providing reliable cover to your clients. At Citybond Suretravel, we recognise that every traveller is unique, and their insurance needs may vary based on their medical history and current health status; whether that be broken bones, on-going but stable conditions like asthma and diabetes or more serious illnesses like cancer.

We are sure you know that many insurers charge high premiums to cover pre-existing medical conditions, and they may even exclude cover for conditions altogether.  That’s why we offer an intuitive online medical screening tool. With our user-friendly quote journey, you can easily gather essential medical information from your clients and tailor their travel insurance policies accordingly. Nobody should be labelled or pigeonholed just because they have a certain condition. That is why we use the specialist Protectif medical risk rating on our policies.  

Protectif has been created to capture more detail about a customer’s individual circumstances and condition, allowing it to more accurately assess the risks and offer a fairer price. Protectif works by asking your clients to list their prescribed medication and then the conditions each one is linked to, which helps to ensure nothing is accidentally forgotten. 

Some of the main benefits of using the Protectif system include:

  • The way the questions are structured allows us to really understand your clients’ circumstances, including historical stability of a condition, the wellbeing of the person, and a common-sense approach to the risk that actually poses.
  • More than 4,500 medical conditions are listed in its database.
  • Asking for details of prescribed medications means that no medical conditions should be forgotten, ensuring full cover is in place for their trip.
  • It is supported by research and therefore continually updated to reflect changes in modern medicine and trial treatments.
  • Following the completion of your client’s quotation and screening, a document detailing their answers will be sent over for review. If there are any problems or if anything changes prior to their travel, they can give us a ring and we will update the details for them.